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DePaul Marketing Campaign

In December, 2006, I assisted DePaul University with a marketing campaign.  Click the link below to see the video.  In it, I discuss how DePaul helped in my career and journey as a writer.

DePaul - Become

Profiled in T-Zero Xpandazine

I am profiled in the May/June 2007 Writer's Village University Recognitions column of T-Zero. A link to the website is below. Thanks for taking a look! 

T-Zero Xpandazine

Interview at CoolStuff4Writers

There is an interview with me in the January 2007 issue of CoolStuff4Writers. You can read it at the link below:


Literary Hook: ‘Size Matters’ at The Woman Made Gallery

By Christine Swanberg, Author and Poet

The Woman Made Gallery, 685 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, hosts thematic poetry contests and readings to go along with art shows. This month’s show, “Size Matters,” offered a poetry contest that called for short, unpublished poems.

To participate in the contest, the six winners must be available to read their poems at the Sunday event. I was the juror for the “Size Matters” contest, and selected the six winners, who were Jan Bottliglieri, Kathy Kubik, Nina Corwin, Margaret Mikus, Robert Engler and Phyllis Natenek.

The reading was Sunday, April 23. We read in the gallery, surrounded by interesting and colorful artwork. I was delighted by the diversity of the poets, their content, theme and forms, including several sonnets that fit nicely into the “small size” theme.

Legacy - A Celebration of 21st Century Poets

Writers' Village University is please to present "Legacy," in honor of National Poetry Month. Poetry is a legacy of past, present and future.

This online exhibit was put together to highlight the legacy and ongoing achievement of poets everywhere, to introduce a larger audience to the pleasures of reading poetry and to bring poets and poetry to public attention.

The exhibit features the work of twenty-four poets from Writers' Village University.

Gwen Austin, Glennis Hobbs (Glenda Walker-Hobbs), Maureen (Mo) Swanson, Lana Wiltshire Campbell, Helen V. Lundt, and Connie Walker poets are members of the Advanced Poets’ Workshop at WVU. Kathy Kubik and Lori Romero are former members of the Advanced Poets.

Judy Beaston, Michael P. Bryk, Nadene R. Carter, Debra S. Cox, Mary Dorman, Gabriela Esquivel, Virginia Gillespie, Jana Griffin, Sylvia Kaye Hamilton, emma, Sherry King, Rachael Kvapil, Joan Myers, Jeanne M. Perkel, Tammie Schaaf and Sharon Walker are members of the poetry community of WVU.

Thanks go to Bob Hembree for granting the space for the exhibit, to Judy Hunt for her help and preparation in getting the exhibit online, to Joyce Heon for her introduction and to all the poets who helped with the organization and preparation of the exhibit.

The poetry features a cross section of work and covers a variety of topics from family, nature, social issues, travel, cats, witches, children’s poetry, fantasy and spirituality. Each poet brings his or her own gift of poetry to the exhibit and each will leave his or her own unique legacy of poetry to be shared with the reader.

The exhibit can be viewed at the link below and is accessible to everyone.